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Ph.D. Professor Liviu Mihaescu

Dean of Economical Science Faculty, ULBS

"Into the modern society, the education represents the art of acquiring knowledge. Thus, the mission of a good teacher is the unwavering care to train their followers to not miss him. Also, the character of a good school is that students learn in it more than is taught, rather than the teacher himself knows."

Rector Professor Ph.D. Engineer Ioan Bondrea

"At economical level it has been stated, not only once, that a way to combat the global economic and financial crisis is through investment and development of higher education. This will only be possible through the way of innovative projects, such as intensive programmes, that will fullfil students expectations by providing opportunities for individual development and personal growth. By offering opportunities to diverse groups of learners, and by providing the optimal creative environment for the talented young students that Europe needs, universities are increasingly central to future growth and to the consolidation of Europe’s knowledge society."

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Posted by Ph.D. Lecturer Eduard Stoica on

In the circumstance of the global environmental challenge and its manifold dimensions, climate change, desertification, water shortages, deforestations, biodiversity losses, water shortages, unsustainable land uses, the future needs a green society and economy. The Green Economy involves putting a price on ecological systems, making markets out of nature. Greening is a physical process and we need to move from ideas to implementation. I want to encourage students to attend KBGE Summer School, that the green economy is a current issue that concerned many minds.

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